You cannot get pregnant? Had several IVF attempts and still no results?

You don't know where else to appeal and what to do further?

We suggest you to arrive for a positive result in the procedure of in vitro fertilization in Russia, to the specialized Reproductive Health Clinic “ECO”.

We have been working as a well-coordinated team since 2007 and we are good at what we do. We are not afraid of difficulties at all and have learned how to get a pregnancy even in the most hopeless cases. 30% of our patients are over 40 years old and it speaks for itself. The treatment shows high results. The efficiency in donor programs is up to 73%. In standard IVF programs it is up to 55-60%.

Furthermore, we have very reasonable prices. Specifically, standard IVF procedure cost starts from 2 670 euros.

No queues or “conveyor” approach, restrictions on age or marital status.

Due to a vast choice at the partner cryobank and genetic diagnosis, you get a chance to give birth to an absolutely healthy baby looking like you.

The attending physician is always in touch, 24/7.

The clinic has an international department to work with foreign patients. The staff speak English and German. Based on your requirements, we will help you to choose a hotel, book air tickets and also provide transfer from the airport and back free of charge.

Your visit to Russia for IVF procedure lasts 2-3 weeks. The preliminary stage, including the collection of samples and preparation for IVF, is conducted distantly. You discuss all the questions with your doctor in the correspondence by email or during consultations via Skype.

All activities of the Clinic and documents are public and transparent for our patients. After the IVF procedure, you will receive a summary report in English and have a remote monitoring of pregnancy in the early stages. Another our advantage is the highest quality training of doctors. Our medical director Anna Ryzhova is recognized as the best fertility specialist of the city according to the results of the popular voting.