As you know, in the ovary of a healthy woman of reproductive age, one follicle matures during the menstrual cycle. In the middle of the menstrual cycle ovulation occurs and the egg come out the follicle in the abdominal cavity.
In case, if the process of follicle maturation is disrupted process of follicle maturation and ovulation itself, ovulation is stimulated. For this process special medications (ovulation inducers) are prescribed.
At the Reproductive Health Clinic “ECO” various ovulation stimulation schemes are used, with different drugs, depending on the type of ovulation failure and its duration.
An important point is the implementation of ultrasound monitoring, in other words, monitoring the follicle maturation using ultrasound. It allows to make adjustments to the treatment regimen, to avoid such a side effect of stimulation as the growth of several follicles. The ultrasound examinations are made approximately 2-3 times during the treatment program.
During each examination, the number of growing follicles is counted, their diameter is measured and the thickness of the uterine lining is determined. When the leading follicle reaches a diameter of 17 millimeters, a drug is prescribed, which completes the final process of egg maturation and causes ovulation (the egg leaves the follicle). In this case, the ovulation occurs within 24-72 hours. Depending on the type of infertility, either intrauterine insemination with the sperm of the husband is carried out or the time of intercourse is calculated.
Depending on the woman's age, duration and cause of infertility, the frequency of pregnancy per attempt is 10 - 15%.
Conditions for ovulation stimulation:
Examination of a married couple
Uterine tubes patency
Lack of intrauterine pathology
Satisfactory sperm quality (the absence of male factor infertility)
The absence of an acute inflammatory process of any localization.