Attention! Male infertility

A symptom of male infertility is a decrease in fertility, what makes it difficult or impossible to conceive. The most common cause is a decrease in the number of healthy sperm cells and a deterioration of their quality.
According to WHO standards, specialists can diagnose Infertility if pregnancy does not occur within a year under condition of having an active intimate life without protection. According to statistics, about 25% of couples visit doctors during this period.
In about half of cases, difficulties with conception are caused by impaired male fertility. But it is real to treat the pathology. But it is important to run early diagnostics and follow competent tactics that will help to achieve a positive result, rather than to use folk recipes.
Almost always male infertility is not accompanied by florid symptoms, except for one thing - the inability to conceive a child. Patients can feel great, be active, lead a full sex life and not pay attention to specific signs that indirectly indicate infertility, including:
feeling unwell (rapid fatigability, irritability, poor sleep quality);
changes in body weight;
decreased sexual potency;
hair growth disorder (firstly, on the face);
painful, difficult urination;
pain in the perineum or lower back.