The Postponed Motherhood program is a vitrification procedure: woman’s eggs are frozen using a special technology with the ability to use them in the future for ART programs. Thanks to vitrification, the life potential of germ cells is preserved, and woman can return to the issue of pregnancy at the most convenient time, regardless of her reproductive capabilities.

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It is known that with age, the quality of woman’s sex cells worsens: bad habits, diseases, long-term medications and other factors have an impact on them. Today, with the the method of vitrification (ultra-fast freezing of cells on special powerful equipment), patients of the ECO Clinic have the opportunity to save morphological characteristics of their eggs, as they were at a young age.

Egg vitrification is also prescribed to women with identified oncology - those, who have undergone chemotherapy, or those, who have not yet begun treatment. It will be also recommended to those, who are introduced into an artificial menopause. The Postponed Motherhood program will help patient with a risk of early menopause and even with genetic diseases to become the mother of her own healthy child, because among the obtained cells, it is possible to choose those that are not affected by the abnormality.

After collecting the eggs, they are placed in a cryobank, where they can be stored for up to 10 years.
It is known that after thawing a vitrified biomaterial, the number of surviving cells is 90-97%. Up to 79% of these eggs retain fertility.