1. How to understand that you need to undergo this test?
If the pregnancy does not occur after a year of regular sexual activity, do it! In this case, a woman should visit a reproductologist, and a man should undergo a semen analysis.

2. Is a special preparation requested?
• Do not smoke at least 2 hours before test;
• Do not drink alcohol 3 days before it;
• The day before, it is not recommended to be in the sun and to go to a sauna.
• It is necessary to maintain sexual rest 3-5 days before the analysis. If not to follow this rule, it can lead to a decrease in the volume and number of sperm. Keeping a restriction of sexual activity more than 5 days is also not necessary - it can cause a decrease in motility and an increase in abnormal sperm cells.

3. What volume is considered to be normal?

The semen volume should be at least 1.5 ml, otherwise it is a pathology - oligospermia. But the volume more than 8 ml is also a negative sign - it is called polyspermia and can be a sign of inflammation of the gonads.

The complete absence of ejaculate is called aspermia and occurs in cases of retrograde ejaculation, low levels of hormones, chronic inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

4. How many “healthy” sperm cells should be?
Studies have shown that even having 4% of normal sperm cells, a man can have healthy children. If the amount of morphologically normal spermatozoa is less than 4%, it is called teratozoospermia - one of the forms of infertility, when there are too many pathological cells


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