Diagnosis of male infertility is one of the most important aspect of work of the “ECO” clinic.
To confirm the diagnosis, a MAR test is carried out at the clinic along with other studies. The study is conducted by experienced embryologists using modern electronic equipment under sterile conditions.
Before passing the analysis, preparation is required: it is necessary to exclude factors that worsen the condition of sperm. Therefore, it is important to exclude sexual contact from three to five days, the use of alcohol, drugs, as well as visits to sauna. To collect biological material for the MAR test, the patient comes to a special isolated room with comfortable conditions.

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The abbreviation MAR means mixed antiglobulin reaction.
The point is that in a healthy body of a man, blood and sperm do not mix, because there is a so-called blood-testis barrier. However, in some cases, its destruction occurs, which provokes a failure of the immune response. Then antisperm antibodies are produced - they are special formations that destroy male germ cells, covering them and not allowing to get inside the egg. Sperm cells lose their mobility and die.
Decreased sperm motility is called asthenozoospermia. One of its causes is genetic defect. But in most cases, the risk factor is inflammatory processes in the genitals, as microorganisms have a negative effect on the characteristics of the ejaculant. Also, sperm motility decreases with ageing, especially after 40-50 years.