Spermogram, or Sperm analysis - is, at least, the most important non-invasive method of the evaluation of a functional state of gonads and male fertility, which is available at the “ECO” Clinic. The result of the analysis is ready in 2 hours after carrying out and includes the physical parameters of sperm, the level of sperm activity and other characteristics. The ejaculate collection takes place in the clinic "ECO" - in a comfortable, specially equipped room, what allows to optimally evaluate further the parameters of the ejaculate.

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Nowadays, in a half of infertility cases, the inability to get pregnant depends on a “male” factor. One of the reasons is abnormalities in the ejaculate. In this case, the carrying out of sperm analysis is a prerequisite for the diagnosis of male infertility. Sperm analysis is also mandatory for patients planning to use assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, IMSI, ICSI, etc.).
Preparing for this analysis, it is important:
to keep a restriction of sexual activity 3-5 days before spermogram.
to exclude overheating 7-10 days: baths, saunas, hot baths.
do not drink alcohol and to limit fat, spicy and fried food one day before the analysis.
All this factors can affect the reliability of spermogram!
If no abnormalities are found during the analysis, most often it means that there are no reasons for infertility from the husband’s side.