IVF with donor embryo is a modern way of treating infertility for couples with forms of infertility in which it is impossible to get pregnancy from their own germ cells. “ECO” Clinic is a partner of Russia's largest cryobank NGC, where more than 100 embryos are stored. The selection criteria for embryos in NGC cryobank include 70 parameters and are thought out so carefully that patients can choose an embryo with the necessary characteristics: for example, a desired appearance.

All donors are examined for genetic diseases.

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During IVF with donor embryo, a specialist implants a prepared zygote into the patient’s uterine cavity.

Medical indications for such a procedure may be the following: absence of eggs and sperm, the absence of eggs by a single woman, serious genetic diseases in the family, as well as multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts due to the poor quality of the obtained embryos from the patient's own germ cells.

Embryo donors do not have parental rights to the obtained embryo and are legally unrelated to the unborn child.

The “ECO” clinic cooperates with the bank NGC (St. Petersburg), which is considered to be the largest cryobank in Russia. Its reserve is constantly replenished with new samples of embryos obtained from donor oocytes and sperm.

All donors of the “ECO” clinic undergo an examination by order of 107 of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.