We met this couple in 2015, when they first appealed to the boutique clinic "ECO". The spouses were unlucky on both sides. He had a severe male factor, she had polycystic ovary disease and anovulation.

Polycystosis threatened with hyperstimulation, so we very carefully prescribed stimulating drugs to the woman. As a result, very few cells were obtained, and two IVF attempts ended up with a negative result.

The patients decided to try their luck in another clinic. They did three programs there, but it did not lead to pregnancy.

After 3 years, the couple returned to us. During this time, we began to widely use segmentation of the IVF cycle: we abandoned the transfer at the risk of hyperstimulation, began to freeze the embryos and transfer them after a while, in the natural cycle. This allowed us to increase the dose of stimulation, in the very first protocol we obtained 12 eggs and 5 beautiful blastocysts and froze them.

After waiting for the perfect moment, we transferred 2 embryos to the woman and finally got the long-awaited pregnancy. After 6 years of treatment, our patients became the parents of a long-expected baby!

We, in our turn, carefully store the 3 remaining embryos, so that in a few years this child could have a brother or sister.


Success story of the "ECO"clinic.

The patient came to the clinic with the primary infertility at the age of 30.

As she was 28years old, she underwent ovarian surgery due to endometriosis.

One ovary was completely removed, on the other ovary there was a partial resection.

After that, menstruation became very scanty and rare.

As the patient was 30 years old, premature ovarian failure was diagnosed.

The medical examination showed a catastrophically low level of AMH (0,18), but FSH still remained at the level of 17. It is also not the best indicator, but it gave us some hope.

The chances of success with such an AMG were practically zero.
The spouses refused the program with donor oocytes and persuaded us to try an IVF program with their own cells.

For 4 years of treatment, we have done 9 IVF programs.
How many tears, suffering, worries the couple was going through.
But finally we have achieved success.

These patients gave birth to a healthy boy, to their own biological child.


We have been frank with you many times about the failures that have happened in our clinic. We honestly said that pregnancy may not occur despite objective predictions, impeccable analyzes’ results of the couple and the diligent efforts of doctors.

But there are also other stories in our archives. They confirm that no one in this life is deprived of the right to a miracle.

So, a couple came to the "ECO" clinic. The patient is 39 years old (age factor of infertility). Her husband is a first-degree disabled person; single spermatozoa were obtained by surgery.

The couple did not have money for long-term treatment. They raked up everything that they had earned and saved over several years. On medical grounds, the chance of success of the protocol approached zero.

But we did it! The pregnancy, and even with twins, was obtained on the first IVF attempt. How emotional this victory turned out to be for all of us!